Gabriella’s Kitchen Inc., a cannabis maker, distributor and health foods company with operations in Santa Rosa and Calgary, Canada, began trading its stock publicly Monday in the United States.

Its shares closed trading Monday at 26.9 cents on the over-the-counter venture market, where it trades under the ticker symbol GABLF. The total value of the company’s shares was $28.45 million. The company’s stock will continue to trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol GABY.

Gabriella’s Kitchen is a multinational family of brands that includes Sonoma County’s cannabis extraction manufacturer The Oil Plant and the Aunt Zelda’s infused line of products designed for therapeutic uses, both founded by Bodega Bay resident Mara Gordon.

Begun as a plant-based frozen foods producer, Gabriella’s Kitchen last year introduced a line of cannabis-infused foods. The company went public in September when its stock began trading on the opening day of the Canadian Securities Exchange.

A month later, the company acquired The Oil Plant, bringing Gordon on as chief research officer. In April, the company acquired Sonoma Pacific Distribution with roots in the Sonoma Valley.

Gabriella’s Kitchen is among a number of companies with operations in Sonoma County and Canada, which in 2018 became the second nation to legalize cannabis after Uruguay.

Correction: The headlines have been clarified to note that the new stock offering is in the United States. The stock has been listed in Canada.