Sutter Solano Medical Center of Vallejo wins a Healthiest Companies Award

Trace Falck, safety manager, Sutter Solano Medical Center, and Tracy Geddis, assistant administrator, Sutter Solano Medical Center, organizes a safety fair every year for the staff at Sutter Solano to provide education about the various resources in place at the hospital to keep safety at the forefront of what they do. (SUTTER HEALTH)


At Sutter Solano Medical Center (SSMC), part of the Sutter Health system, the center’s new food services manager recently updated the café menu to include fresh and healthier choices, including vegetarian entrees and increased salad options.

Safety is also a significant factor in ensuring teammate’s health and wellbeing, officials said. SSMC has increased investments in education, resources and tools to enhance safety processes.

The administrative team feels passionately about work-life considerations and encourages teammates to take personal time off when able to, to ensure balance between their professional and personal lives, said hospital officials.

Management acknowledges staff achievements on a bi-monthly basis with hospital-wide celebrations as well as annual service awards and employee appreciation events over the summer and holidays.

“Our teammates are our most valued assets. Without them, we cannot operate our hospital and fulfill our role in the community by supporting patients who need us the most,” said Eva Hilliard, human resources manager. “Keeping our employees healthy and well is important because we believe healthy and happy teammates contribute to happy and healthy patient experiences.”

The worksite provides healthy eating as well as physical activity messages promoting individual and group exercise opportunities, such as biking, walking, stretching, etc., through posters and flyers found in public areas and break rooms, along with information about community resources and places people can go for health education, smoking cessation and other services.

Flextime is also offered to encourage staff members to include exercise into their workday.

The various health and wellness programs have helped to increase employee engagement, enablement and overall positive satisfaction at work evidenced by the organization’s Experience of Work survey scores.

“We have found that our staff wants to feel cared for, appreciated and know that we care about their safety and wellness. Our programs help to confirm that for them.”

Some 75% of Sutter Solano Medical Centers 701 employees regularly participate in its internal wellness program.