Special Coverage: New Retirement

New Retirement: Need ‘grit’? Hire an older worker

They “accept feedback better, work harder, and bounce back faster from setbacks because of their life experiences. … (T)hey have an ongoing quest to master life’s complexity,” notes columnist Gloria Dunn-Violin.

New Retirement: Volunteerism flourishes after the wildfires

The impact of the fires quickly doubled the number who stepped up at the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County. Volunteerism is also one of the pillars of a rewarding retirement, writes columnist Gloria Dunn-Violin.

New Retirement: Turning North Bay fire tragedies into stories of hope

We need to accept that this major change will cause most of us to go through normal stages of grief, and be aware of how their impact on us may affect others, writes columnist and author Gloria Dunn-Violin.

New Retirement: Value-added workers are essential with automation

Has your company explored how it can use all of its resources — including a multigenerational workforce, robotics and artificial intelligence — to reach your strategic goals? asks columnist Gloria Dunn-Violin.

New Retirement: Age differences make a better workplace

Generational differences offer all age groups the opportunity learn new and better ways to work, writes columnist Gloria Dunn-Violin.

New Retirement: Need workers? Don’t overlook the retrainable

Low unemployment rates do not take into account the thousands of older workers looking for jobs. We need new strategies to employ these intelligent, competent, experienced, skilled and retrainable people, writes columnist Gloria Dunn-Violin.

New Retirement: Age not a factor in ability to solve problems

Societal mindset needs to change to acknowledge older adults can be change agents too.

New Retirement: What’s the role of wearable tech at work?

More than just tracking your steps and heart rate, this technology can help companies leverage the experience of older employees for operations in the field.

New Retirement: Answer to employee stress may be already under your roof

Seasoned employees have been shown to be better at coping with workplace stress, and their learned behavior needs to be passed on to younger workers through mentoring and training, says employment consultant Gloria Dunn-Violin.

New Retirement: Isolation at work undermines productivity

The surgeon general says isolation is most prevalent disease in America today, and a study found loneliness at work hurts employee performance. Here are two ways employers can help bring workers together, writes columnist Gloria Dunn-Violin.

New Retirement: Businesses should phase in retirement

Reducing hours or setting up consulting gigs can help keep retirees and their experience in your business, writes coach Gloria Dunn-Violin.

New Retirement: Capitalize on huge baby boomer opportunity

To capitalize on the huge and growing over-50 market, business must understand that this aging demographic has grand expectations as they begin their second half of life.

New Retirement: Why leaving work might hurt your happiness

A purpose-driven job culture produces higher profitability, more loyalty and less turnover, writes columnist Gloria Dunn-Violin.

New Retirement: Bye, bye, boomers; hello problems

Many industries will be severely impacted by baby boomer retirements, with expected shortages in many professions.

New Retirement: Does the world treat older workers better than U.S.?

“We are looking at job scarcity, social tensions and a lost generation of young people in both the developed and developing world.”

New Retirement: Boomers who invented today's workplace

Age was irrelevant for the boomers who created the technology that makes modern business hum.

New Retirement: 5 wellness keys to profitable employee aging

Healthy employees are more productive and profitable. Here are five keys to wellness programs for older workers.

New Retirement: Aging employees become more productive

Do the brains of aging employee slow down and become less productive, innovative and effective? Or do they become more prolific?

New Retirement: 3 successful aging entrepreneurs

The 50-plus generation will be making major contributions to the global economy for decades to come, and companies are rethinking early-retirement policies.

New Retirement: Embrace work-life balance

How do you integrate balance into your life when your job requires so much focus and time? Can you be successful at work and still have a life? How will incorporating life-work balance into your days now support you when you retire?

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