W. Bradley Electric of Marin County wins a Healthiest Companies Award

W. Bradley Electric's team for the Color 2017 Dream World Tour, billed as the "Happiest 5k run on the planet" with more than 5 million color runners participating worldwide. (W. BRADLEY ELECTRIC)


W. Bradley Electric, Inc.’s work environment includes wellness in every day operations, one that provides support and encourages a better life style for body and mind at work as well as at home.

“We talk about daily exercise, eating right and getting enough sleep with our employees on a frequent basis,” said CEO Leslie Murphy -- a fitness champion who loves to run and leads by example. “Our comprehensive wellness program also includes employee’s families, who are an integral part of our people’s success. As a company, we are at our best when our employees are at their best.”

According to the company, employees have lost weight, have become more active and enjoy the various competitions created by a special subgroup of the company’s wellness committee.

WBE officials said health embraces three important aspects – activity, nutrition and mental wellness. The staff is more involved. They look forward to having fun at work while also enabling stronger bonds between those in different departments.

“We’ve done some new things this year, such as bringing in a personal trainer twice a week and remodeled our in-house gym with new equipment,” said Laura Masset, vice president of human resources and chair of the wellness committee.

“This has increased the use of our gym to full occupancy during the day and even after hours. Over the years we have found that we have to keep variety to our wellness program to maintain a high level of active interest. Today 80% of our employees participate in one or more of what is offered.”

The company sponsors employees who take part in various runs, and also creates a series of individual and team events internally, such as ping pong and horseshoe competitions with prizes for the winning teams. WBE recently held a rowing machine challenge to see who could rack up the most strokes per minute, over five minutes and reach other benchmarks with the fastest times for the leader board.

Rewards are connected with health, including gift cards for Nike or Sports Authority so employees can purchase water bottles, athletic clothing, etc., along with passes to Yoga classes at local studios.

The company gym also features resistance training straps, free weights, large exercise balls and other fitness equipment.

Changing up the menu in the firm’s health oriented vending machines has also helped to improve employee health. Grapes, apples, nuts, flaxseed muffins and yogurt are among available items with new selections appearing frequently.

In 2018, the slate of activities will not just be on physical and nutritional aspects of total health, increased emphasis will be placed on managing stress, including ergonomic tools – such as sit/stand desks – to help relieve back, neck and leg tension in the workplace.

“Anyone who wants one of these adjustable desks can have one – all they have to do is ask,” said Masset.