With a new state law and local resolution going into effect, Marin County residents will be paying higher fees for recording most documents, beginning in January.

The new and increased fees relate to the California Affordable Housing & Job Act Fee (SB-2), and the Marin County District Attorney Fraud Fee, according to Marin County Recorder Richard N. Benson.

State’s Senate Bill 2 requires an additional fee of $75 for recording most real estate documents. Details about which documents are subject to the new fee are on the Recorder’s website. A limited number of statutory fee exemptions exist. All fees collected by the Recorder’s staff go toward the state program.

Also, Marin County Board of Supervisors Resolution 2017-102, approved on Sept.12, increased the Real Estate Fraud Prosecution Trust Fund Fee from $3 to $10 and expanded the number of document titles to which the fee applies. The first increase in this fee since 2008, it is to deter, investigate and prosecute real estate fraud crimes involving recorded real estate documents.