Work will begin next week to install new roof materials on the library dome of the Marin County Civic Center as part of a multiyear project to replace the iconic building’s roof.

The overall roof replacement project was authorized by the county in 2016 at a cost of nearly $18 million. It is being touted by Marin as one of the largest renovations undertaken on the center since it was constructed in the 1960s.Frank Lloyd Wright designed the 470,168-square-foot building. The county stated it is the largest completed public project of the architect’s career.

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the blue roof is among the structure’s notable features and is near Highway 101.

Phase One of construction began in March 2018 on the administration wing and the dome of the Marin County Free Library’s Civic Center branch. Work will continue on the longer Hall of Justice section of the Civic Center starting with installation of scaffolding in spring 2019.

The county announcement stated, “The previous roof materials, consisting of layers of recoating and patchwork, have been removed over the past three months, and the dome is now ready to receive several applications of new materials.”

The process will include a colorful transformation. It begins with a rust-red color that will cover the entire dome. The second coat will be a white base coat, after which the “Marin Blue” color exterior coat will be applied.

It took design professionals and architectural historians to get that right color, the county stated, including locating a swatch of the original material.

All work on the project is being completed utilizing the U. S. Secretary of the Interior Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. The standards dictate the process and procedures required to undertake a rehabilitation of this size and scope.

The county stated that the work on the dome will begin mid-week during the first week of June and take 30-45 days to complete. The removal of the roof materials on the administration wing will continue through the application of the new roof.