Marin County supervisors are moving forward on a plan to require landlords to provide a “clear reason” for evicting a tenant, a reaction it stated was to low vacancy rates and the life-altering impact of being turned out of rented space.

The so-called “just cause” ordinance would not prevent a landlord from raising rents, “but it would require an explanation if a tenant is not being evicted for nonpayment of rent or other violations of the rental agreement,” the county’s announcement stated.

Stressing the proposed ordinance was not rent control, the announcement stated just-cause ordinances have been put in place in Union City and Emeryville without embracing rent control.

Marin County's ordinance would apply only to unincorporated areas.

“A just cause ordinance would be designed to soften displacement by insulating tenants from the threat of unexpected lease terminations caused by no fault of their own,” the county said.

Other statewide and North Bay initiatives regarding tenant issues include Governor Brown’s signature on a bill earlier this month on a bill to give tenants three “court days” to pay rent or comply with other terms of the lease and gives them five court days to respond to an eviction lawsuit. Previously, the law allowed weekend and holidays to be counted toward the deadline to respond to an eviction notice or breach-of-lease notice.

Also, a measure is set for the statewide November ballot which would repeal a law that prohibits local rent control laws from regulating single-family homes and condominiums or any unit built after 1995.

In the North Bay, a group in Santa Rosa is reported to be working on a ballot measure on rent stabilization and a just-cause ordinance.