Two brothers and Napa natives are looking to expand the region’s beverage offerings with the opening of a kombucha brewing operation in Napa.

Jordan and Ethan Speizer filed paperwork with Napa planning division to brew the beverage in a 622-square-foot facility on Action Avenue.

Kombucha is a fermented drink similar to beer or wine, although it is manufactured differently and has a much lower alcohol content, typically 1%-2%, according to the application filed by brothers Speizer. The application is to manufacture the drink and said it would not be sold at the location.

Because of its alcohol content, the Speizers are required to register with the Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau as a brewery, and the kombucha is technically considered a beer, according to their application.

By contrast, Petaluma-based Revive Kombucha limits its products to under 0.5% to sell them as nonalcoholic. In December, Peet's Coffee took a major stake in Revive.

Napa Kombucha Company's application includes communication with NapaSan sanitation district detailing that no more than 17,000 gallons of Kombucha can be produced at the facility. Unlike beer and wine production, kombucha brewing creates very little wastewater, and the brothers will not be required to submit reports to NapaSan as a commercial operation discharging waste into the system.

“We would love nothing more than to build Napa Kombucha Company into a business that positively impacts the community we grew up in through employing others, giving back, and continuing to grow the reputation of the Napa Valley in the beverage world,” Jordan Speizer wrote in the application.

The city planning department is reviewing the application.