The city of Vallejo announced a deal Wednesday with Inyo Networks Inc. to market Internet services over the city-owned fiber-optic network by this summer.

The deal, the city stated, will use its network, now is used to communicate among city departments. Vallejo stated it has no debt connected with the network, and it can be put into place without significant capital investments.

“Therefore, Inyo Networks can provide retail services and pass the cost savings onto customers, with rates 75 percent lower than current providers. The partnership also includes a revenue sharing component, with 33 percent of gross receipts reinvested into city infrastructure,” the announcement stated.

Potential pricing for a dedicated gigabit symmetrical circuit would be $1,500 a month or 100 megabits for $250 a month. Inyo Networks will market and provide retail services to public agencies, educational institutions, medical facilities and businesses.

Inyo Networks and its engineering and design partner company Praxis Associates, Inc., are based on Mare Island in Vallejo. According to the city, the company manages the public Internet network in Ontario, Calif., and is involved in construction of 583 miles of conduit and fiber from Carson City, Nev., to Barstow in the Southern California desert.