The Sonoma County community of Windsor will not permit outdoor cultivation of cannabis. It’s among several restrictions the city announced would written into law and considered by the Town Council this summer.

Since the passage of Prop. 64 last year, which setups a process to introduce legal use of recreational cannabis into communities, some cities have taken on how to deal with the issue of growing in their boundaries. Santa Rosa, which is embracing the business of cannabis, has considered banning outdoor cultivation but has delayed its decision.

In Napa Valley, the Calistoga City Council plans in mid-April to consider allowing residents to grow within the city limits two plants outside the home and four inside.

Windsor stated outdoor cultivation at a private residence for personal use would be barred.

Also prohibited:

- Retail sales / dispensing of recreational marijuana or any product containing marijuana or its by-products.

- All commercial cultivation of recreational marijuana. - Manufacturing, processing, warehousing or distribution of any product containing marijuana or its by-products.

- Delivery of recreational marijuana to any property within town limits.

- Cultivation, manufacturing and processing of Industrial Hemp

The city stated that Prop. 64 mandates that all jurisdictions in California must allow for indoor cultivation of up to six recreational marijuana plants at a private residence for personal use.

The Town Council directed that an administrative permit requirement be established for indoor cultivation of recreational marijuana at a private residence, and that minimum safety requirements be imposed.