Shana Bull

AGE: 35

Owner/Director of Digital strategy

Shana Bull Digital Marketing + Social Relations


Shana Bull of Digital Marketing + Social Relations wins an 11th annual Forty Under 40 award from North Bay Business Journal.

Responsibilities with your company: Since 2009 I have owned my own company with a focus on creating social media strategy for local businesses, creating content (photography and graphics), writing stories and reporting on analytics.

For the last few years I have written for magazines and online publications, Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine, Sonoma.com and now for the Sonoma County Tourism Bureau.

In addition to working one-on-one with clients, I speak on the topic of social media to groups such as PMG, North Bay Designers, WIMP, The Wine Road, Unified Wine Symposium, EcoFarm, etc.

In 25 words or less, how do you exemplify the spirit of being a top Forty under 40 professional?

Social media may be new, but the basics of marketing is the same. I value relationships, community, creativity, and staying true to my word.

Years with company: 8

Length of time in current position: 8 years

Number of people who report to you: 0

Greatest professional accomplishment: On Nov. 6, 2013 Twitter went public. My client, 8-year-old, Vivienne Harr from Make a Stand Lemonaid (a lemonade company which started on a philanthropic idea to help child slaves) was asked to ring the opening bell on the New York Stock Exchange - all because of an influencer marketing campaign (and one tweet) that I helped work on.

That morning, I sat at my computer and worked with the press to get the information about Make A Stand Lemonaid out to the world. We had a reach of almost 1 billion views across articles and social channels.

Greatest professional challenge: Social media is always changing. Just when you think you have all the answers, the channels change. It is always a challenge to keep up with the trends, but it is a challenge I enjoy. I constantly strive to learn everything I can about marketing on social media, and I love sharing that knowledge with my communities here in Sonoma County and the wine industry.

Best advice received: If you are not having fun, the consumer isn’t having fun.

Single most important event in your professional life in the last 12 months: I am on the board of directors for PMG (Professional Marketing Group) - North Bay and this year I took on the role of events chair, in addition to being secretary and part of the executive committee. We just held our first event of 2017, where I hosted and moderated a panel of photographers to a sold out room of over 60 bay area marketers. The event was our first sold out lunch since I started on the PMG board.

What steps is your company taking to sustain your organization and morale in the current economy?

Since my company is just me, I make sure to get out of the house and interact with my peers as much as I can. I find that when I am working from home for long periods of time my creativity and morale goes down. Sunshine and a good friend definitely helps with this.

Next professional goal: I just started writing for SonomaCounty.com on the local music scene and I hope to have a few interviews with local artists and musicians coming to the area soon. I would love to share a bottle of wine and interview Les Claypool from Primis and Claypool Cellars this year.

Shana Bull

AGE: 35

Owner/Director of Digital strategy

Shana Bull Digital Marketing + Social Relations


Education: First graduating class of Windsor High School, 1999 SRJC San Marcos, Marketing

Hometown: Windsor (born in South Lake Tahoe)

Mentor/admired businessperson: Mark Kithcart, my boss at Democrasoft (educational technology company based in Santa Rosa). He taught me everything I know about SEO, connecting with a community and inbound marketing. All of the board members on PMG, every board meeting leaves me feeling inspired.

Typical day at the office: I start work by looking at my IPhone from bed, checking emails, social media comments for the business I work with and usually share an image for one or more of my clients. Then my toddler wakes up, so I take care of him and take him to daycare.

Sometimes I work from my home office, sometimes a coffee shop, sometimes I have meetings at a winery, brewery or restaurant. I take pictures throughout the day, create reports, write articles, and then pick the toddler up again and play with him. There is definitely nothing typical about my day. :)

Best place to work outside of your office: Brew, because I can grab a coffee in the morning and a beer in the afternoon.

Hobbies: Photography is my main hobby, both professionally and personally. I have a toddler, so most of my day involves chasing him around and attempting to take a non-blurry picture of him. Also, my husband and I love visiting new restaurants when we can and sharing our experience.

What you wanted to be when you grew up: I wanted to come up with the ideas for cereal cartoon characters. I didn’t realize that was called marketing as a kid.

#1 thing you want to accomplish by the time you turn 40: I want to finally organize my office and put in a real photography studio. I would also like to have a cereal client so I could fulfill my childhood dream.

First job: Cashier at Windsor Waterworks.

Favorite book: “Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll

Favorite movie: Death Becomes Her

Favorite after-work drink: Beer at a local brewery

Last vacation: Last September I traveled to Pismo Beach with my (then 8 month old) and husband and stayed on the beach.

What does your mom or dad brag most about you?

Mom: You being a wonderful mama, that you take awesome care of Rye, and are very good at your job.

Dad: Your intelligence. I’ve been so impressed with the way you think through things, plus your heart.