Active Wellness

600 California St., 11th floor, San Francisco 94108

Active Wellness is a healthy lifestyle management company specializing in fitness and wellness providing operations management services at Synergy Health Club of Petaluma and Synergy Medical Fitness Center in Napa.

“We believe in empowering healthy workforces and have implemented our own employee well-being program called Live Actively,” said Co-Founder, President and CEO Bill McBride. “Today some 58% of full-time employees are enrolled in the wellness program through Live Actively’s internal engagement.”

All Active Wellness employees can use the Live Actively internal company portal and the Healthy Now mobile app where they can easily track all steps, physical activities and exercises. It also allows them to synch up with other wearable fitness trackers.

“Similar to the members all locations served, we want to support the wellbeing of our employees to help improve their performance both at work and at home,” according to Topher Henderson, senior human resources administrator.

“At Active Wellness we believe that balance around fitness, wellness and health are key to living the best lives possible. We deliver corporate wellness services to our partner’ members, and we extend these services to our employees, including a variety of both onsite and online wellness-related programs and offerings. From onsite screenings to online challenges, we have something to reach all of our people.”

Employees can participate in programs and classes ranging from exercise and nutrition to financial fitness and living mindfully.

Results have been outstanding. There has been a notable increase in technology use through the internal Live Actively portal. Senior leadership has participated in challenges, and a new mindfulness program, including guided meditation, videos and a new “10 Days of Mindfulness” challenge, was rolled out.

The first ever company-wide steps competition, “Active in August,” saw 30% of full time employees participate in this friendly walking event designed to encourage time for healthy activity each day. Some 25 teams across the Active network signed up for this challenge where all participants averaged four miles a day.

“It’s a pleasure to work with a company that cars so much about its employees,” said Sergio Castro, general manager, Synergy Health Club Petaluma. “They truly want to take care of us as much as we want to take care of our members.”

Employees receive unlimited access to Active Wellness managed clubs in Napa, Petaluma and across the U.S., and can get special discounted memberships for their families. Reciprocal access to a worldwide network of health clubs is available through the International Healthclub and Racquet Association.

There are no vending machines in these clubs, however, there is a dedicated in-club café at the Petaluma location offering an array of healthy menu options, including protein bowls, salads, wraps and smoothies.

Active Wellness

600 California St., 11th floor, San Francisco 94108