BPM’s Santa Rosa office wins Healthiest Companies Award

Annie Azevedo getting some cardio in while working in the BPM treadmill room, which all employees can reserve using the online calendar. (Photo courtesy of BPM, LLC)


As one of the largest California-based accounting and consulting firms, BPM believes in health and wellness for the reason described in the firm’s motto — Because People Matter.

“We understand that healthy, motivated, talented and engaged colleagues are important to our success,” said CEO Jim Wallace. “It’s nice coming to work knowing that we all put in tremendous effort, but also have fun along the way.”

The company has many different areas of focus for health and happiness, such as its recognition and wellness programs, biometric screening, fun team-building events and socials, etc.

In May, everyone in the company takes the day off to volunteer with local nonprofits. BPM Day typically involves physical labor, cleanup, painting or improvement activities at charitable organizations of their choice.

There is a Wellness Room where employees can go for some quiet time or to take a relaxing break. The Treadmill Room, with a computer to track results, is so popular staff members have to make reservations. An online program helps employees gain wellness points for engaging in fitness events, eating more veggies, etc. while also seeing health tips to enhance their personal progress.

Pop up activities also occur among groups, such as those who ran in a 10K in Sebastopol where they were also able to hang out and get to know each other better following the race.

Social and recreational events are held in each of the firm’s six Bay Area offices. One “fun” event involved a visit to the Epicenter indoor sports complex in Santa Rosa where staffers enjoyed playing air hockey, laser tag and bowling.

Sit/stand desks are being introduced within the company along with special mats to protect feet and ankles while standing. Ergonomic lumbar support chairs have also been brought in, and some use large “stability balls” as chairs to relieve pressure on the lower back and spine.

Some 53 percent of employees participate in the onsite biometric screening assessment process.

This program is making a difference by reducing health risk factors such as cholesterol, weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) numbers, and blood pressure rates. Observers say the staff is more engaged by adhering to mindfulness practices, daily movement, eating healthy snacks and community involvement.

Overall, 30 percent of its workforce takes part in wellness challenges, seminars, webinars and other wellness events. BPM offers employees $50 toward the purchase of Fitbit monitors so they can track personal steps and related activities.

“The BPM wellness program, and its champions in the Santa Rosa office are amazing. This program is a holistic approach to well-being and another way to let our employees know that their wellbeing is important to us,” said Lisa Degisi, benefits and wellness specialist. “BPM’s program creates friendly competition, fun ways to learn about health and wellness and how to encourage each other to adopt these practices in their daily lives.”