Exchange Bank of Santa Rosa wins a Healthiest Companies Award

Exchange Bankís baseball team, called the ìEBEESî (photo courtesy of Exchange Bank)


Exchange Bank launched its Every Body Benefits wellness program in 2010 s featuring a variety of activities and events. It has become a vital part of the workplace culture by providing employees with meaningful wellness information as well as promotions and giveaways.

“It’s important to provide support and motivation for our employees to build excitement and interest around taking charge of personal health. We host onsite wellness events such as flu shot clinics and sponsored competitions, such as Feel Like a Million, to foster a culture that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle,” said Lori Zaret, chief human resources officer.

Feel Like a Million is an entertaining RCU game show program geared toward building resilience, managing stress and boosting energy by focusing on moving, food as fuel, balance, getting enough sleep, expressing gratitude, and volunteering.

Employees explore yoga, meditation, qigong and other mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques by taking part in the Hatha Yoga Group at lunchtime.

There are company sponsored co-ed softball and soccer teams, the Walktober individual walking competition with opportunities to win prizes, and Maintain, Don’t Gain challenges during the holiday season.

There are no vending machines. However, granola bars are available as alternatives to pastries and muffins. The bank has also started to provide sit/stand workstations for those with desk jobs.

Free CPR training is offered to employees, and many participate in National Walking Day by partnering with the American Heart Association.

“We are proud to be the first financial institution in Sonoma County to become a HeartSafe Business by installing Automatic External Defibrillators at most Exchange Bank locations to ensure the safety and heart health of our staff, customers and the local community,” she said.

The bank also helps defray the cost of health club memberships as well as weight loss and smoking cessation programs.

Periodically, subsidized Fitbits have been offered, along with shared favorite healthy recipes and a hosted “Top Chef” contest featuring three cooking competitions; healthy appetizers, salads and desserts.

Collectively these activities help the bank control rising insurance premiums, reduce time away from work and demonstrate our commitment to the health and well-being of our employees.

For the third consecutive year Exchange Bank has not increased employees’ medical, dental and vision insurance premiums. “We know that health care is costly and while the insurance exchange and others are raising insurance rates as much as 12.5%, Exchange Bank is making sure its employees have access to affordable health care,” Zaret added. “By living healthier, we all are happier, more energetic and better equipped to live and work in a fast-paced world.”

Exchange Bank has earned gold status, the highest level of recognition in the Sonoma County Economic Development Board’s Healthy Business Recognition Program.