Parkpoint Health Clubs of Santa Rosa wins Healthiest Companies Award

A group of Parkpoint Healthclub trainers having fun while working together. (photo courtesy of Parkpoint Health Club)


Since 2016, Parkpoint Health Clubs has expanded its employee wellness program by creating and encouraging employees to participate in a free rewards system that supports their personal wellness goals throughout the year.

For example, the company offers employees the opportunity to track their workouts throughout the year, enabling them to earn free prizes such as massages, gift cards, movie tickets.

The clubs also added a rotating list of health and wellness topics to be discussed at monthly department meetings where management takes time to have employees participate in a guided mediation, a stretching segment -- or even water balloon fights outside in the heat.

Parkpoint continues to provide complimentary club memberships for employeess. Long-term employees are also able to add family members and children to their complimentary membership accounts.

This policy helps to support health at home and in their personal lives, according to the company. When employees are hired, they are encouraged from the beginning to participate in healthy activities, such as free fitness orientations and Pilate’s workouts, and are given special discounts year round for personal training and massage sessions so these services are more accessible to them. They are also able to participate in free chair massage when available at the clubs.

The staff is encouraged to meet with Parkpoint’s onsite health coach, take advantage of personal health screening opportunities, body composition analysis and other assessments done free of charge. Free access to biofeedback is viewed as another tool for stress reduction.

Several employees get together weekly on their own time for partner or group employee workouts. Several employees and supervisors recently attended a “tapping” seminar held at the club to gain additional tools for stress reduction throughout their day.