SOMO Village in Sonoma County wins Healthiest Companies Award

SOMO Village employees participate in the twice a week Reiki yoga class outdoors. (photo courtesy of SOMO Village)


SOMO Village places emphasis on the health and happiness of its employees, as well as those living in the neighborhoods around it.

“We focus on a goal to achieve high quality living, inspiration and nourishment for body, mind and soul,” according to Brad Baker, president, CEO and an avid cyclist who often rides his bike to work. “This commitment encompasses everything we do and how we treat our employees and those in the community.”

Bicycles were purchased so staffers could have an easy way get around the campus. The team also participates in the annual Bike MS Waves to Wine cycling event that also attracts hundreds of other SOMO Village and area residents. Staff and tenants alike utilize the bike/pedestrian path from the SMART station to the village for walk breaks or a pleasurable bike ride to the nearby rail commuting station.

As part of the SOMO Village staff wellness program, employees can participate in Reiki yoga classes twice a week. Staff members also can receive discounts at Pecoraro’s Academy of Fitness and Kick Boxing on site at 1300 Valley House Drive.

Biometric screening is offered to staff members through the St. Joseph Health’s Mobile Clinic.

SOMO Village’s food truck program encourages vendors to provide locally grown produce with organic menu selections – such as the fig and arugula salad offered by the “Fig Rig.” A cart featuring Taylor Maid Organic Coffee and almond milk is offred at the office, and employees can enjoy after hours benefits and entertaining performances at the SOMO Event Center on campus with occasional access to a block of complimentary tickets.

“All of our staff members regularly participate in our wellness program. The environmental design of this community leads to a positive mindset and overall wellness derived from access to nature, culture, comfort and innovation,” said Tina Montgomery, general manager.

“We have seen many positive results from our multi-faceted health and well-being program. Our employees are more energized and connected to each other, and our community is more engaged. At the same time, we have seen our stakeholders and businesses in the community increase, along with support for our company and the growth of our project. All of this has contributed to our ability to attract top talent to our company,” Montgomery added.