Tom Beard Co. of Santa Rosa wins a Wine Industry Award

Tom Beard Company General Manager Jesus "Chuy" Mendoza stands next to the company's four wine barrel washer with the new water saving upgrade. Final rinse water, almost clear, is pumped into the tub (foreground) and recycled, saving 50% of the water used to clean each barrel.



The Tom Beard Co. of Santa Rosa is known in the wine industry as a leader in the design and manufacture of water saving standard and custom cleaning solutions with emphasis on water conservation and management, as well as parts and customer service after the sale.

This certified Bay Area Green Business uses water-recycling techniques to reduce consumption and carbon footprints for hundreds of wineries throughout the Northern California and around the globe.

“Cleaning barrels, picking lugs and half micro bins has always been a long, tedious process that has traditionally involved tremendous amounts of water and time when using hand-held sprayers and washers,” said Ed Barr, president of Tom Beard. “In the past, there were plenty of opportunities to overuse water and no way of regulating it. Now there is.”

He said Tom Beard’s automated machine solutions cleans and sanitizes barrels, lugs and micro bins with the same amount of water and time through a process that combines washing and steaming operations with a water recycling system.

The TBC Cabinet two- and four-barrel washing machines save time and labor while requiring minimal maintenance. These washers are fully programmable, ozone compatible and accommodate lees-recovery options. They use a separate roller assembly that can be modified for the racks wineries use and can help streamline operations. Also, for tight spaces Tom Beard Co. offers “The Cave” that works where forklift access is prohibited and space is at a premium.

The Tom Beard Co. is also an authorized distributor of the VinWizard Interface, a remotely accessible, graphical interface that communicates the winemaker’s requirements to a hub that controls all VinWizard standard Temperature and process control modules. These modules include plant monitoring and control; fermentation integration; grape receiving equipment; power management; control tank settings and receive alarms; pumpover, stirrer, crusher pad automation and ganimede control, as well as third-party winery production software packages.

“VinWizard gives winemakers total visibility and control of the winery whether at work, home or overseas, in addition to anytime/anywhere alarm notification,” Barr said. “This interface also enables links to humidity and (carbon dioxide) monitors, water usage, must lines, plant rooms and the production database.”

The Tom Beard Co. is also the distributor of the BlueMorph UV ultraviolet light waterless sanitation system for large wine tanks. This cutting-edge, labor-saving technology eliminates the use of water, ozone and harsh chemicals while reducing the cycle time for effectively killing mold, bacteria and yeasts and other microbes achieving better tank sanitation in a shorter duration, and saving energy.

The BlueMorph computerized UV sanitation system is being used today by Jackson Family Wines and nine other wineries in Northern California. Prototypes are available for winery trials by contacting BlueMorph President Alex Farren (