M.A. Silva USA of Santa Rosa wins Wine Industry Award

Neil Foster, president and owner of M.A. Silva USA in Santa Rosa, has expanded the business beyond corks to include other wine packaging such as bottles.



M.A. Silva USA has been a recognized leader in the wine cork business for over 45 years, and is an award-winning manufacturer of the finest premium corks, glass and packaging for North American markets.

Over the years, M.A. Silva (www.masilva.com) has also distinguished itself as a technology innovator with a series of industry firsts, including its proprietary cork cleaning processes acknowledged worldwide as proven ways to significantly reduce cork taint.

The firm’s latest achievement is a fully-automated OneByOne cork-testing method using gas phase spectroscope to inspect each cork for any trace of 2, 4, 6–tricholoranisole (TCA), the chemical primarily responsible for cork taint. With this process, M.A. Silva delivers guaranteed TCA-free natural corks for ultra-premium wines.

In addition, M.A. Silva also developed an advanced steam-cleaning process applied to micro-agglomerated Pearl Prestige corks to ensure TCA levels below 0.5 nanograms per liter. By being able to offer the industry 100 percent TCA-free options, M.A. Silva has found that many quality-conscious wine producers who have used screw-caps or synthetics to avoid cork taint are returning to natural cork.

“Our unique approach to providing superior cork, combined with wine bottles engineered for an ideal seal, has led to an overwhelmingly positive response from wineries seeking reliable, perfect and proven packaging solutions,” said President Neil Foster. “As a result, our company has experienced substantial growth and in 2017 was named to the Inc. 5,000 list of the fastest-growing, privately held companies in the U.S.”

This vertically integrated company has received multiple awards for its technology, quality and testing standards backed by certified on-time delivery. In addition to receiving the North Bay Business Journal’s 2017 supplier award for the third year running, M.A. Silva was also a three-time winner of Vineyard and Winery Magazine’s Best Cork Supplier honors, and Trade Monthly Magazine’s 2017 Excellence Award for Sustainable Manufacturing.

Environmentally conscious M. A. Silva was the first California cork supplier to join PG&E’s ClimateSmart program, and has received Green Business Certification. Its Santa Rosa facilities are solar powered.

The firm’s 100,000-square-foot facility encompass a state-of-the-art cork finishing plant designed to handle some 800,000 corks per day, a full service mechanical and organoleptic test lab, office space and conference rooms. This campus accommodates storage space for wine bottles, a multimedia training room and a gym for employees. The company recently announced that it established a new 64,500-square-foot manufacturing center in Santa Maria de Feira, Portugal, for the production of sparkling and technical cork closures.

The company has sales agents in six continents and production and finishing facilities in Portugal, U.S., Australia, Brazil, Chile, France and Spain. M.A. Silva serves the North American market from its California headquarters at 3433 Westwind Blvd. in Santa Rosa.