North Coast Builders Exchange replaces tools lost in fires


Fire claimed everything for some when it swept through the North Bay in early October. Now a group is coming forward to help some victims replace the things they need to make a living.

The 1,150-member North Coast Builders Exchange, based in Santa Rosa, has announced a program to help tradespeople and contractors replace the tools they lost in the fires.

“NCBE had received reports over the past month of the additional burden many tradespeople are facing with the loss of their tools and turned to several tool manufacturers and private donors to provide replacement tools at no cost to construction industry victims of the wildfires,” the group said in an announcement Tuesday afternoon.

As described, Jon Richards, a sales associate with APEX Tool Group, contacted tool manufacturers from around the U.S.

“Suppliers of tools included Construction Electrical Product (CEP), which provided the program with extension cords, portable lighting and much more,” the trade group said. “Donations are being accepted for either new or slightly-used tools in good repair. All donated items are tax deductible through the NCBE Community Fund.”

To be eligible for tool replacement, a person needs to be employed in construction and either show a FEMA case number or provide an address of where their home or business was lost in the fires. Warehouse space has been donated by Pruitt Industrial Park in Windsor and is located at 5900 Pruitt Ave., Unit 210, which is west of Highway 101 from the Shiloh Road exit.

Current distribution is set for Wednesdays from noon to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 1–5 p.m. through Dec. 16. For additional information, visit

“We couldn’t be more pleased than to see our members, suppliers and associates step up to help contractors and tradespeople who were victims of the wildfires. These tools are required to keep people working, whether NCBE members or not, so that we can get on with rebuilding the North Bay,” said NCBE President Jeff Scott, General Manager of Mead Clark Lumber in Santa Rosa, in the announcement.