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Jaws have dropped at Michelle Marie’s Patisserie for 29 years, an involuntary response to the stunningly gorgeous cakes and pastries that flowed from the Montgomery Village bakery-cafe.

The shock comes now from the locked door and the sign: “Michelle Marie is retiring. Store is closed for business.”

I tried but didn’t connect with owner Michelle Marie Defors.

David Codding, who owns Montgomery Village, said Michelle Marie wants to spend more time with her family, more time not running a business. She tried to sell the patisserie, Codding said, but that didn’t work out so she shut it down.

Codding said that not long ago the operator of another French-style cafe inquired about moving into Montgomery Village, and Codding responded that two would be too many.

With the closing of Michelle Marie’s, Montgomery Village has gotten back in touch with that cafe owner. A deal is in the works for this second patisserie to take over the space ASAP.

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