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The highly anticipated return of the Trader Joe’s market severely burned in the wildfires is set to happen just in time for Thanksgiving shopping.

The popular neighborhood grocer plans to reopen its Cleveland Avenue store, closed since the devastating Tubbs fire swept through in October 2017, on Nov. 16, the company said Friday. This should provide relief for the many local shoppers who have been making grocery runs to the southeast city Trader Joe’s in the Santa Rosa Marketplace.

The doors will open again for business at 8 a.m., after a short “lei-cutting” ceremony. The reopening celebration will continue through the day with food tastings, giveaways and more, the company said.

The Cleveland Avenue store was one of at least 55 commercial structures damaged or destroyed in Santa Rosa a year ago from the most destructive wildfires in state history. In the North Bay, the fires claimed 40 lives, destroyed 6,200 homes and caused nearly 10 billion in property damage.

Trader Joe’s, headquartered in Monrovia in Los Angeles County, this summer began restoration work on the store. It covers 16,000 square feet of space, according to city records.

By July, the grocer had obtained one building permit from the city for structural work valued at $850,000. And it was seeking a second permit for interior improvements worth another $500,000.

The approved work included installing a new roof and rebuilding 500 square feet of the burned structure.

The proposed interior improvements included a new heating and air conditioning system, a new ceiling, new restrooms, new refrigerated cases and new offices within the store.

The store is overseen by manager Steve Schafer, a 44-year veteran of Trader Joe’s.

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