As Sonoma County continues its initiative to produce more housing, it is seeking the public's help in finding sites.

If sites meet the government's criteria, it will work with the owner and community to rezone them for more density, with design review to ensure quality and community compatibility, according to the announcement Wednesday.

Here are the county's general guidelines for target properties:

  • Unincorporated county land (outside of city limits)
  • Vacant or underutilized properties (i.e., large site with small home)
  • Located in an area that has public sewer and water
  • Walking distance to transit, services and jobs

“We need bold action to achieve housing equity in Sonoma County,” said James Gore, chairman of the Board of Supervisors, in the announcement. “This includes revisiting zoning to encourage more city and community-centered housing development while respecting community separators and urban growth boundaries.”

This rezoning effort will implement the county’s 2014 housing element of its general plan and promote that planning document's community-centered growth policies. Permit Sonoma will seek public input and conduct environmental review of qualifying sites, culminating in public hearings before the Sonoma County Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors.

To learn more about the Permit Sonoma’s housing initiatives and submit a site for consideration, please visit For information on these initiatives, please contact Nina Bellucci at