Special Coverage: Smartt Principles

Smartt Principles: What are your transferable skills?

One of the strange things about these career skills is how hard they can be to see and evaluate. Here are guidelines for talking about your transferable skills in ways that elevate you to the top of the candidate list.

Smartt Principles: 8 fun TV shows that will teach you business

Here are very real business skills you can hone while zoning out to shows that don't seem particularly educational on the surface, writes columnist Nicole Smartt Serres of Star Staffing.

Smartt Principles: Tips to help your workers avoid burnout

Burnout is a serious issue in today’s hyper-engaged, high-speed business world. When disaffection and flagging productivity happen across a team, more systemic change could be needed, writes Nicole Smartt Serres of Star Staffing.

Smartt Principles: Know your job candidate’s digital footprint

In the digital age, we’re much less likely to need to hand out paper resumes. Columnist Nicole Smartt explains how modern tools available to job-seekers, recruiters and hiring managers help optimize the search process.

Smartt Principles: After the fires, it’s time to talk about employee retention

How have the October wildfires in the North Bay impacted local businesses that are still standing? Columnist Nicole Smartt of Star Staffing explores how local employers and employees are faring with finding housing and managing their finances.

Smartt Principles: 9 ways to do social-media recruiting right

Eighty-six percent in the first 10 years of their careers are likely to use social media in a job search. Here are tips to do it successfully.

Smartt Principles: Paying a living wage is key in this job market

Show your workers that you care about their quality of life and want to help with the high cost of housing and commuting. It helps with retention, writes columnist Nicole Smartt of Star Staffing.

Smartt Principles: Wineries have trouble with younger workers. Here are 10 solutions

Wineries across the nation are having a difficult time attracting and retaining Generation X, millennial and Gen Y workers. Some of it is because vintners are family-owned and -operated. Here are 10 ways you can turn that around.

Smartt Principles: 6 tips for recruiting good people from a shrinking labor pool

Low unemployment equals big competition in hiring. Here are six steps toward more effective recruiting.

Smartt Principles: 7 ways millennials can thrive at work

Are millennials really that different from others in the workplace? Columnist Nicole Smartt explores seven important factors millennials look for in an employer.

Smartt Principles: Want to be a strong CEO? Here's your 10-step guide

Life experience just takes time, but personal traits of CEOs can be developed, writes staffing expert Nicole Smartt.

Smartt Principles: 3 ways perfectionism blocks your business

Are you letting being perfect stand in your way of success?

Smartt Principles: 4 tips to invest in your team for business growth

You won’t have to sell your company vision to workers picked and trained to fit your organization. Here are some tips for picking and developing that team.

Smartt Principles: Leaders tackle unexpected like roller-coaster

Leaders exemplify a single character attribute — flexibility.

Smartt Principles: 7 ways to ruin business meetings

Meetings are still a business necessity. Here are seven tips for making meetings actionable, informative, brief and empowering.

Smartt Principles: 5 tips for keeping millennial employees

Here are five tips from an experienced millennial entrepreneur and recruiter on retaining employees from this generation by winning their hearts and engaging their minds in work.

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