Special Coverage: Cannabis Commerce

Canada's newly legal cannabis creates risk for investors at US border

U.S. officials also warn that any form of participation in the marijuana sector could likewise cause someone to be turned away, signaling potential problems for investors.

Cannabis jobs: 10 companies hiring now in Northern California

More than nine months into California’s recreational cannabis market, many cannabis businesses continue growing — and hiring. Check out what companies are hiring.

State: 20 percent of California marijuana products failing safety tests

The failure rate, some in the industry say, has more to do with unrealistic standards and technical glitches than protecting consumer safety.

Neighbors sue to shut down cannabis farm near Petaluma

It may be the first case in California using a federal racketeering and corruption law to seek to bar cultivation of marijuana since it was legalized for recreational use.

Wine Briefs: Why dealcoholized wine with cannabis THC?

Sonoma-based Rebel Coast Winery’s new THC-forward dealcolized wine to California. Here are the reasons why more adult-beverage makers getting into cannabis are also teetotaling.

California could reshape pot rules as legal market struggles

A Los Angeles hearing Tuesday provided a window into the state’s emerging cannabis economy, in which early enthusiasm for broad legal sales has been followed by anxiety and frustration across a swath of the marijuana industry.

Sonoma Valley grown: How a cannabis group aims to build the region's brand

Humboldt County is well-known for mastery of marijuana. But a new group wants to raise the profile of cannabis cultivated in the rolling hills and microclimates of Sonoma County.

Costco harbinger of changes in Ukiah

Business leaders in the Mendocino County city are bullish about the future given the possibilities of a legalized cannabis sector and lower home prices.

Cannabis-hungry states develop a big glut, studies say

New reports on the marijuana industry in Oregon and Colorado offer case studies for California and other pot-friendly states on how to ramp up their legal cannabis business, especially the pitfalls of oversupply.

After heated debate, Sonoma County advances new cannabis trade rules

The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday signaled support for rules that would allow cannabis cultivation on parcels of at least 10 acres.

Sonoma County to consider pot policy changes

Under the proposal, smaller cannabis farms would face a more thorough permitting process than larger ones, while residents also could seek banning cultivation in some areas.

Cannabis infused beverages hit the area market

Introduction of cannabis flavored beverages gaining attention among other large companies, like Constellation Brands.

Drive to find pot space slows in Sonoma County

Rush to secure warehouses has changed contract clauses and pricing, say experts

Mendocino cannabis job fair returns to Willits July 28

The event, hosted by Mendocino Cannabis Resource and now in its second year, looks to connect marijuana businesses with prospective employees.

Colorado hydroponics retailer expands North Bay footprint

GrowGeneration Corp. buys Santa Rosa Hydroponics and Grower Supply, the second North Bay acquisition for the publicly owned company.

California opens cannabis industry final rules for comment

Thus starts a 45-day comment period on 315 pages of regulations that are set to become law before the end of this year. But North Coast rules remain "Byzantine and Kafkaesque," says an industry attorney.

Cannabis company buys two Sonoma County firms

Santa Rosa’s Zack Darling Creative Associates and its wholly-owned subsidiary, The Hybrid Creative, were purchased for $1.45 million in cash and about $1.8 million in company stock.

Cannabis startup raises $22M to expand Mendocino County site

The money will help Flow Kana increase its ability to process marijuana and move into producing bulk cannabis oil.

Got cannabis business insurance?

California debuts CannaBOP, a policy for marijuana business owners that contains property and liability coverage. Here's what Santa Rosa's CannaCraft, a major player in legal pot, thinks about it.

Cannabis dispensaries in 'fire sale' as July 1 deadline looms

Deep discounts on everything from edibles to joints reflect the last days of the heady first phase of legal recreational pot in California as strict quality standards kick in this weekend. Shortages could follow as shops restock.

Lagunitas wants to expand your mind with this cannabis-infused sparkling water

With THC and CBD versions, Hi-Fi Hops initially will be available at California marijuana dispensaries. But like Lagunitas's other brews, you'll have to be over 21 to imbibe these bubbles. CannaCraft pitched in on this project.

Women in Business: Tiffany Devitt, CannaCraft

Tiffany Devitt of CannaCraft Inc. in Santa Rosa wins a North Bay Business Journal Women in Business award.

Santa Rosa marijuana law firm opens LA office

This is the second expansion for Joe Rogoway's 7-year-old cannabis-focused firm to markets beyond Sonoma County.

Cannabis businesses are on a hiring spree. Here’s how much the jobs pay

Job creation in the fast-growing marijuana industry isn’t limited to growers and trimmers. White-collar work also is exploding, with businesses scrambling to hire scientists, attorneys, accountants, technicians and marketing experts.

California cannabis temp rules extended

The rules will be in place for at least 180 days while officials in Sacramento create permanent regulations.

Vine Notes: Cannabis may battle wine for consumer attention

In a recent national poll, those planning to increase cannabis use with legalization was especially significant among women and older, wealthier consumers — core demographics of wine consumption, writes columnist Charles Day of Rabobank.

Businesswomen break through ‘grass ceiling’ of cannabis

As marijuana has become more mainstream, women-centric groups focused on business networking or providing a space for women curious about cannabis have proliferated too.

California flower nurseries go to pot

Hot houses once growing flowers now nurture cannabis plants.

Marijuana growers turning to hemp as CBD extract explodes

A glut of legal marijuana is driving Oregon pot prices to rock-bottom levels, prompting some nervous growers to start pivoting to another type of cannabis to make ends meet — one that doesn't come with a high.

Crackdown needed on unlicensed cannabis ops, says California regulator

"The state needs to be protective of the licensing process and to say, 'Get a license, or we put them out of business,'" says Lori Ajax, Medical Marijuana Regulation Bureau chief, at an industry conference in Santa Rosa.

Opinion: Minimum cannabis business insurance often insufficient

As the North Bay cannabis industry continues to grow, the need for insurance coverage becomes paramount, but significant coverage gaps remain, write Shanti Eagle and Jackie Menendez of law firm Farella Braun + Martel.

New rule for drug testing? Bill would protect medical cannabis users at work

A proposed law that would protect California medical cannabis patients from losing their jobs after failing a company drug test has overcome its first legislative hurdle.

Renting to a cannabis operator? Insurance is now available

California approves a carrier to write policies to insure property owners that lease space to legal marijuana companies. Lack of such coverage has been an oft-cited impediment to real estate deals.

Formerly anticannabis California lawmakers now work to improve industry

California lawmakers — some of whom hail from careers in law enforcement — slowly embrace a product and marketplace that remains federally illegal.

Sonoma County seeks compromise on site of cannabis operations

Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, in a nod to cannabis growers, indicated they could revisit where commercial marijuana is grown outside city limits. Neighbors could get a greater say over some proposed operations.

Cannabis industry faces threat of cultivation curbs, says major North Bay producer

Ned Fussell, co-founder of CannaCraft, which plans to open a huge indoor cannabis-cultivation facility in Santa Rosa, talks about growth past $100 million and community opposition that spurred a hearing Tuesday on more cultivation rules.

Sonoma County supes to discuss where legal pot should be grown

The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday will discuss neighborhood concerns about cannabis and whether to allow adult-use businesses.

US seizes 100-plus California homes used to grow cannabis

The Northern California raids culminate a monthslong investigation focusing on dozens of Chinese nationals who bought 106 homes in seven counties.

California cannabis regulator to keynote Santa Rosa conference

California's top cannabis regulator, Lori Ajax, is leading an effort to license cannabis operations. She is set to be the keynote speaker at North Bay Business Journal's North Coast Cannabis Conference on May 9.

One vintner parlays wine experience into the world of cannabis

With recreational marijuana now legal in California, some winemakers like Zack Crafton of Flora & Candor are exploring the synergy between pot and wine.

California take note: Nevada law still hazy on cannabis users’ rights at work

Here’s a sobering employment law dilemma for California: After three years of legal medical cannabis and a year of legal recreational sales, Nevada legal experts say there is no clear guidance or protections for employees who use it.

Petaluma: Cannabusiness arrival tightens industrial market

“There is definite upward pressure on industrial-space pricing, and we still struggle for supply,” writes James Manley of Keegan & Coppin’s Petaluma office.

Free cannabis-cultivator licensing workshops in Humboldt, Mendocino

Three months after launching its legal cannabis market, California is struggling to get more than a small fraction of cultivators ready to grow legally. Less than 1 percent have that license.

Cannabis jobs: 5 companies hiring in Northern California

Have a passion for cannabis and want to work in the industry? Three months into California’s recreational cannabis market, a fresh crop of cannabis-related businesses are blooming — and hiring.

CannaCraft settles with Sonoma County DA

The tentative settlement reflect cannabis’s transition from illegal to legal.

Hundreds of California cannabis cultivators in backlog limbo

With hundreds of cannabis cultivators waiting for approval to do business in Mendocino, Sonoma, Lake, Solano and other California counties, officials are trying to revamp the process and clear the backlog.

Cannabis tourism: Welcoming travelers behind the Redwood Curtain

Amid worries that California's new regulation system for marijuana will push smaller producers out of business, some are diversifying their business interests into tourism. Here's what they're doing.

Weedmaps cites social-media law in defense of listing pot retailers

Responding to a demand by California’s cannabis czar to stop advertising unlicensed marijuana retailers, Weedmaps says it’s also protected by law that shields tech companies that host consumer-generated content.

Cannabis critics call for tighter rules after home invasions

Critics want the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to restrict commercial cultivation to industrial zones and to stop issuing commercial growing permits.

California tribes may go their own way in marijuana market

The California Native American Cannabis Association warned state officials before legalization kicked in Jan. 1 that tribes “may engage in commercial cannabis activities through our own inherent sovereign authority.”

California’s cannabis regulator warns 900 shops to stop operating without state license

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control also sent a cease-and-desist notice to an online marijuana-location service, telling it to stop advertising sellers that lack a permit.

States mull 'sanctuary' status for marijuana businesses

Taking a cue from the fight over immigration, California and some other states that have legalized marijuana are considering providing so-called sanctuary status for licensed pot businesses, hoping to protect the fledgling industry from a shift in federal enforcement policy.

Sonoma County official: ‘We have failed’ to open cannabis industry to all

California is falling short in its effort to bring existing cannabis growers into the legal market, say state regulators and officials from North Coast counties.

Petaluma approves cannabis business zones

The ordinance maps out areas in the city’s business parks and industrial zones where cannabis businesses will be allowed.

New cannabis cryptocurrency aims for social impact

The Cannabium marijuana-backed token, which trades like bitcoin, hopes to be the “first-ever financial contract that you can buy, trade and redeem to get physical CBD.”

Report: Less than 1% of California pot growers are licensed by state

California marijuana growers are lagging in getting licenses, according to a new report by a cannabis industry group.

Who grows your pot? Sonoma County startup seeks organic cannabis labels

A Sonoma County startup, launched by part of the Straus dairy family of Marin County, sees value in organic marijuana certification.

Cannabis debit card comes to California

Colorado debit-card company CanPay works with a Denver credit union that handles cannabis transactions.

Convicted of a pot crime in California? You can fix that

Prosecutors in Sonoma and Mendocino counties say they don’t have San Francisco’s resources to wipe out old marijuana convictions reclassified by California voter-approved legalization of recreational cannabis.

Emerging pot business attracts Mendocino County’s new ag chief

“I was drawn to work for Mendocino County as it begins the process of merging a traditional agricultural community with the emerging cannabis industry,” says Joseph Moreno, the county’s new agricultural commissioner.

What California can learn from Washington’s challenges testing pot

It would be a shame if California repeated Washington’s mistakes in verifying marijuana product safety, says one of the leading watchdogs of Washington’s cannabis labs.

Small pot growers file lawsuit

“Approving large cultivation operations in 2018 will significantly reduce the ability of small and medium cultivators to compete economically in the regulated market,” the lawsuit says.

CEO shifts from business school dean to cannabis keen

Former SSU business dean William Silver is now CEO of Santa Rosa cannabis manufacturing firm CannaCraft. It could mark a turning point as the marijuana industry seeks recognition as a mainstream business.

Online cannabis dealer gets nearly 7 years in prison

Federal prosecutors say he did his business on the “dark web,” which swirls with online deals for drugs, weapons and stolen bank-account data, often conducted in bitcoin.

Former SSU business dean now CEO of cannabis company

William Silver, former dean of Sonoma State University’s business school, has been picked to lead CannaCraft as the fast-growing Santa Rosa cannabis manufacturing firm continues to expand.

New SF-based US Attorney to set cannabis prosecution

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made recent appointments, including an acting U.S. attorney in San Francisco on Monday, that suggest stricter enforcement of federal laws that prohibit cannabis use.

The fuzzy science behind nabbing stoned North Bay drivers

Law enforcement can arrest people for driving high, even with no set chemical limit for marijuana impairment in California.

Cannabis distribution system up to the task?

California says its newly legalized marijuana market is ready for a surge in demand, but Mendocino County-based Flow Kana says the slow rollout of licenses has limited cannabis distributors.

Renewed dread ripples through North Coast cannabis trade

California just opened for recreational use of cannabis, but fear of arrest and seizure of property has returned to plague the fast-growing marijuana industry in the North Coast, from cultivator to dispensary.

Sessions’s cannabis action ripples through North Bay industry

Legal cannabis operators in the North Coast and throughout California worry that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s action on prosecutions leaves the industry exposed.

Attorney general reopens federal cannabis prosecution

A new memo from U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinds the Cole Memo of 2013 that deferred to states’ cannabis laws.

Mendocino County vows to review big pot bust

Old Kai Distribution had a valid local marijuana license, but California Highway Patrol seized its truck and 1,875 pounds of cannabis. Mendocino County officials got an earful from an outraged industry and vow to investigate.

What to expect now that weed is recreational in California

Here’s an in-depth look at the first day of legal sales of recreational marijuana at several North Bay retailers. It’s a barometer for what to expect from the emerging industry this year.

Opinion: Will legal pot wipe out small cannabis farmers?

To avoid Big Weed domination, California should help cannabis growers of all sizes, creating tax incentives for small producers, cultivation caps and value-added labels, writes Chiah Rodriques of grower group Mendocino Generations.

Testing for tainted cannabis vexes regulators

California’s cannabis rules kick in with the new year, but regulators in states that have legalized pot in recent years still struggle to ensure the safety of a bewildering array of products on dispensary shelves.

Legalization to hit medical cannabis revenue

With recreational marijuana set to become legal Jan. 1 in California, some will be tossing their state-issued cards and sending medical cannabis revenue up in smoke.

Need your medical marijuana card after Jan. 1?

Starting New Year’s Day, a doctor’s recommendation won’t be required to legally buy cannabis in California. But don’t throw out that medical marijuana card just yet.

US, California pot laws collide at border

California legalizes marijuana for recreational use Monday, but that won’t stop federal agents from seizing it on busy or backcountry highways.

Concentrates propel cannabis craft revolution in Washington state

Concentrates are the fastest-growing segment of Washington state’s young legal cannabis market. Here’s a primer on the burgeoning ‘craft revolution’ among processors led by these potent substances.

Why Florida’s marijuana banker is closing accounts

Banking for cannabis commerce in states that have legalized it, such as California and Florida, remains a problem. Federal uncertainty is behind the closing of such accounts by the Sunshine State’s only marijuana banker and stopgap measures in the Golden State.

Unions eye growth from California cannabis workers

Unions have caught a whiff of a rare opportunity to organize a whole new set of workers as recreational marijuana becomes legal in California at the beginning of 2018.

Q&A: California’s top cannabis regulator on legalization

California’s legal cannabis market opens for business on Jan. 1. Lori Ajax, the state’s top pot regulator, answers key questions on what will happen next.

North Bay business briefs: Dec. 26, 2017

The California Secretary of State Office launches the Cannabizfile website for cannabis business e-filings. Petaluma’s Beeline Bikes has a new owner. Arrow Benefits Group of Petaluma launches a Spanish Language Division. Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital is named a Top Teaching Hospital. Tony Magee of Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma will keynote the Seed to Sale Show cannabis trade show in Colorado.

2017 Big Stories: Cannabis commerce buds in Wine Country

Here's one of 2017's biggest North Bay stories that will impact local business in 2018: Dozens of cannabis entrepreneurs set up shop in Santa Rosa as the January 2018 launch date approaches for adult-use sale of cannabis, but banking issues persist.

State issues first cannabis licenses

The 20 temporary licenses — some of which were for the previously existing medical marijuana industry — represent a fraction of the thousands of licenses expected to follow as the state embraces legal weed in 2018,

Cheech Marin teams with state to register pot businesses

In the PSA, Marin sits behind a computer at the Secretary of State’s office and urges a would-be cannabis business owner to register and obtain information through the state website cannabizfile.

Cannabis’s past, future honored at Emerald Cup

Sunday's Emerald Cup cannabis awards ceremony capped a two-day gathering at Sonoma County Fairgrounds that attracted thousands of attendees. It gave a look at marijuana’s history and promise.

Pot for pets?: Exploring cannabis for treatments

The American Veterinary Medical Association’s policy-making body wants the DEA to declassify marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug ‘to facilitate research opportunities for veterinary and human medical uses.’

Cannabis permit No. 1 issued in Sonoma County

Sonoma County began accepting applications in July and is currently processing 127. It issued its first cannabis cultivation permit Monday.

Cannabis, a conundrum for lawyers

With California allowing recreational pot retail sales Jan. 1, interested investors are reaching out to attorneys to find out how to safely finance the potentially lucrative industry.

Rush of pot grows splits rural California before legal sales

Authorities this year have cut down close to 30,000 plants grown without permits in a California county that is reconsidering its embrace of marijuana cultivation ahead of statewide legalization.

Cannabis ads banned on SF buses

The decision in the Bay Area city revereses it current policy

Attorneys say casual-cannabis market rules to take months to clarify

Though California rules for recreational cannabis kick in Jan. 1, the regulatory process for businesses serving this newly legal market likely won’t become clearer until spring, according to legal experts.

State issues cannabis regulations

Smaller operations in the North Bay could be harmed by no limit on size, say some in the industry

California offers cannabis banking plan

California Treasurer John Chiang on Tuesday announced a series of proposed strategies to help the newly legitimized recreational and medical cannabis industry manage large amounts of money and pay taxes.

Major wine company invests in pot business

One analyst said the investment would likely help Constellation Brands, which has a number of California North Coast wineries and vineyards, understand the cannabis business from the inside.

Fires destroy marijuana crop at harvest time; millions in taxes at risk

The Northern California fires affected all sectors of the burgeoning industry including cultivators, manufacturers and distributors.

More workers failing drug tests in Northern California

Marijuana is the most common culprit. A growing number of employers in Sonoma County are thinking about scrapping their drug tests.

Cannabis harvest heats up

The outdoor cannabis harvest has begun across the North Coast, marking the first year when the state will attempt to measure and tax the crop within a new regulated system.

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