Vin65, VinTank partner on wine social media, e-commerce data interchange

NAPA -- Napa-based social media management software developer VinTank and Vin65, a British Columbia-based wine e-commerce provider subsidiary of  WineDirect in Napa, have teamed up to allow their users to access both companies' data.

The creation of bi-directional data integration merges VinTank's data on "social interactions" or "social customers" with Vin65's records of commerce customers, according to a joint announcement Thursday. That means managers of social media for wine brands can understand the lifetime value of the people they’re interacting with, and e-commerce managers can see all social media posts related to a brand, the companies said.

"This is going to allow for a lot of great data-meshing," Vin65 Chief Executive Officer Andrew Kamphuis wrote on his company blog.

"The ability for our customers to relate social comments to ecommerce transactions is a step forward for monitoring the ROI of social," he said in a statement.

For users of VinTank software, the next time a customer is talking about a brand, the wine producer can see that person's lifetime value, club memberships, contact type and other information from Vin65's database.

In turn, Vin65 users can use VinTank information of customer social media profiles to build contact lists.

The data interchange is available in a test version by request for both software now and will be available to all users at no extra cost on July 31. Vin65 is paying a licensing fee valued at $1,800 per winery user of its software.

“When I look at what the future of commerce will be for the wine industry, I see Vin65 leading the way through their culture of helping wineries focus on their customers,” said Paul Mabray, chief executive officer of VinTank. "By coupling social media to their customer interactions we can enhance that vision like never before seen in any industry."Features for VinTank users

When monitoring a social media conversation of a customer, you will understand that customer’s commerce value with a view into statistics such as customer lifetime value, last order date, club memberships, and ecommerce segments. Wineries can drill down to this important information without ever leaving VinTank’s platform.When viewing a particular Vin65 customer segment from within the VinTank admin panel (club members for example), you will see all relevant social interactions for that segment.VinTank offers the ability to build Twitter lists of club members or any other Vin65 contact types.Features for Vin65 users

The Vin65 Platform shows the most recent social media interactions for your winery in conjunction with sales and other ecommerce information.In the CRM tool, wineries can view a customer’s social interactions from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Foursquare in one easy-to-view feed.Vin65 offers the ability to create actionable lists to segment customers in both social and ecommerce segments.

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