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Lorez Bailey | email | 707-526-8674

Editorial Department

Senior editor for business, North Bay Business Journal and The Press Democrat

Allison Gibson | email | 707-521-5207


Jeff Quackenbush, interactive editor and staff reporter | email | 707-521-4256
Coverage: Construction, commercial real estate, wine and other industries

Cheryl Sarfaty, staff reporter | email | 707-521-4259
Coverage: Tourism, hospitality, health care, education, business insurance and other industries

Susan Wood, staff reporter | email | 707-521-4257
Coverage: Technology, law, banking, accounting, financial services, cannabis and other industries


Gary Quackenbush | email | 707-322-1882

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Michelle Fox, research director | email | 707-526-8682

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Frequently asked questions

What are your terms and conditions?

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Where can I purchase the current issue or a back issue of the Business Journal?

The current issue of the Business Journal is available for sale at a number of North Bay locations. The latest issue and copies of back editions are available for purchase from the Business Journal publishing offices. Call 707-521-5264 to order.

Where do I send press releases for the People and Business Register sections (Calendar, Leases and Sales, Business News)?

Send people news to, business news briefs to and commercial real estate leases and sales transactions to

Please include these details for commercial real estate transactions: Lease/sale, size in square feet, address, property type, tenant or buyer, procuring agent(s) and brokerage, property owner or seller, listing agent(s), transaction date, occupancy date for lease, and sale value.

How do I know if/when my press released appeared in the paper?

Because of the high volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to respond to each press release or inquiry about whether a particular item will appear in the paper. To see if your item appeared in the paper, please use the search function on this website. Items appear in the publication at the editors’ discretion.

How do I get my organization’s event featured on the After Hours page?

Send digital photos to by email to or mail photos or a photo CD to 416 B St., Santa Rosa, CA 95401, Attention: Production. Please do not send emails larger than 7 MB.

All submissions must include captions identifying people (from left to right) with their business affiliation and the name, location and date of the event and the name of company or organization holding it. After Hours photos appear in the publication at the editors’ discretion.

What file formats does the news department accept via email?

Digital photos can be sent as jpg, tiff or gif files. Text can be sent as a Word document or PDF. Zipped files will not be opened. Photos embedded in Word and PDF documents cannot be used.

How do I send a letter to the editor?

You can send a letter of 600 words or less to the attention of Letter to the Editor by email or by mail to 416 B St., Santa Rosa, CA 95401.

See the paper’s policy on publication of letters and website comments.

What should I do if I want to use Business Journal content on my website?

See the Business Journal’s copyright policy.