Business of cannabis front and center in April 7 seminar

“Cannabis and Hemp, Business Considerations,” will be hosted on April 7 by The Seminar Group out of Los Angeles.

Organizers stated the online seminar will cover topics directly relevant to California’s medical and recreational cannabis laws and regulations under the Medicinal and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act as well as the interplay and conflict between federal and state laws.

Attendees will also hear directly from leading practitioners about the changes and progress to current laws and future regulations.

Griffen Thorne, an attorney with the Los Angeles office of Harris Bricken Law, is a moderator for the conference.

When asked about the conflict between California and U.S. governments, Thorne told the Business Journal: “We know prohibition didn’t work. This market’s not going anywhere. (California’s) resources are not going to enforcement.”

Thorne emphasized how state and local governments should embrace cannabis business operators who want to be legal because they’ve already found adversity in an ongoing illegal marketplace.

In other words, the playing field is not level and needs to be.

“If someone wants cannabis late at night, they can’t buy it legally, and people don’t know the difference between what’s legal and what’s illegal,” he said. “The law should give legal operations a ‘leg up.’”

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