California cannabis regulators conducting sticky-note consumer research at state fair

California has hit “the wall” in cannabis.

And, that’s a good thing for consumer research, according to the state agency tasked with managing the substance.

At its California State Fair booth, the Department of Cannabis Control erected “the wall,” asking cannabis consumers where they buy their weed and to place their answers on sticky notes for display at the second annual California Cannabis Exhibit. It’s at the Cal Expo Fairgrounds in Sacramento running through July.

On the first day, July 14, it didn’t take long before the notes filled the wall exhibit. That, according to department spokesperson David Hafner, showed an overwhelming receptiveness among consumers to share their thoughts, no matter how glib they became. Answers scribbled on the notes ranged from “Green Goddess” and “Valley Pure” to “Jeff” and “Gifted.”

The display is intended to work as data research state regulators will use to get a sense of whether the majority of consumers support licensed cannabis dealers. Reminders on the side of the wall insist licensed suppliers are safer, environmentally friendlier and more apt to invest in their communities.

The wall is one of the first steps in preparing an effort to launch an upcoming consumer education campaign, according to the department.

Who is the fairest?

Also at the fair’s cannabis exhibit is set to be a traveling speaker series titled Women, Weed and Wellness, scheduled for July 23.

It is slated to feature panel discussions on cannabis as a healing tool and its use during motherhood. Also scheduled is an on-stage episode recording for the podcast “Moms Do Weed,” a co-sponsor of the series with Club Kindness, a cannabis education platform.

Afterward, exceptional women in the cannabis industry are set to be honored.

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