Skimming device found at Rohnert Park Bank of America ATM

Rohnert Park police are investigating a security breach at a Bank of America on Hunter Drive in which one Santa Rosa resident said he had $1,000 stolen from his account two weeks ago.

Rohnert Park Police have in their possession a skimming device attached to the ATM card slot that was used to track and gain access to a user’s personal bank card information. This comes amid more reports around the North Bay of such devices.

Bank officials had discovered and retrieved the device used to read card information from an outside ATM and turned it over to authorities.

Other retail locations in the Sonoma County city may also have been compromised, Lt. Matt Snodgrass said.

“We have several active cases right now,” he said, while declining to provide details. “It is a common thing going on in our city right now. These things seem to come in waves. They’re probably doing additional banks or additional areas. Our best advice is for people to check their accounts.”

“They can be small and look normal, so most of the time people don’t notice,” Snodgrass said.

On July 27, Jerome Perryman noticed his Bank of America card issued by the state Employment Development Department “was duplicated and used” to withdraw money from his account. Perryman had visited the branch July 13, he said.

He reported the theft to the bank and was told three others had complained about their accounts being compromised. Bank officials have confirmed this. He also reported the breach to the police department, canceled the card and filed a claim with the bank.

Bank of America officials said upon discovering the skimming device during “regular safety checks,” the item was “promptly removed and reported to law enforcement.

“Customers impacted by unauthorized transactions are fully covered by our ‘Zero Liability Guarantee’ by reporting it in a timely manner,” spokeswoman Colleen Haggerty said, further noting the bank has been working to resolve claims.

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