Wine industry suppliers Cork Supply USA, Tonnellerie Ô get new CEOs, new group name

Peter Hladun has been promoted to CEO of Cork Supply USA, and Joshua Trowbridge to CEO of barrel maker Tonnellerie Ô. Both are Benicia-based companies.

The moves were announced by Harv 81 Group. Previously called Cork Supply Group, it is the parent company of the companies.

“Both Peter and Josh have been instrumental in building the company brands and strategically positioning our portfolio of superior top of the bottle and oak products at the forefront of the marketplace,” said Harv 81 Group founder Jochen Michalski. “Their leadership skills are exceptional and with their deep industry experience of the global wine closures, cooperage, and oak alternatives industries, I am confident Cork Supply USA and Tonnellerie Ô are well-positioned to continue their outstanding growth and development.”

Hladunm, who was previously vice president and general manager of the company, and Trowbridge, who was promoted to vice president and general manager in 2016, will report directly to Michalski, president of Harv 81 Group.

Cork Supply opened in the U.S. in 1981 and later spread its closure business to Australia, South Africa, Portugal, Spain, France, Argentina, Italy, and China. In 2008, it opened Tonnellerie Ô, manufacturing barrels in the U.S.

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