Gallo Winery’s California Brandy House closing in Napa after 4 years

The E. & J. Gallo Winery’s California Brandy House is closing in Napa after four years of operation.

The Brandy House opened in November 2020 at 1300 First St. Suite 309 for outdoor tastings, showcasing Gallo’s two leading brandies, Germain-Robin and Argonaut.

A statement on the Brandy House’s website confirmed the doors will permanently close as of Jan. 28

“As the first stand-alone tasting room dedicated solely to luxury California brandies, we are immensely grateful for the opportunity to have hosted you at the California Brandy House,” the statement read.

“At the end of January, we will be closing our doors to pursue other exciting opportunities in California Brandy with the same goal.”

Corporate communications manager Krista Fontana said in an e-mail Monday the Brandy House has “accomplished our objective of re-introducing California’s native spirit made from wine grapes in the golden state” but that consumers are looking for ways to explore “new spirits and flavor profiles.”

The company plans to shift its focus to a wider approach to reach more consumers in the region.

More than 18,000 guests had visited the Brandy House over the last four years, according to the company.

Germain-Robin and Argonaut Brandies can still be found in retail stores, bars and restaurants across California and online.

The world’s largest family-owned winery, the Modesto-based Gallo has more than 7,000 global employees and more than 100 unique brands in its portfolio, including several operating in Napa and Sonoma counties.

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