Napa Valley College, which has been operating evacuation shelters since Monday, will be closing them over the weekend in preparation to resume classes.

Evacuees staying at the college are being sent to other shelters in the area, including American Canyon High School and Crosswalk Church, said Doug Ernst, college spokesperson.

Once shelter operations at the college are closed and evacuees are moved to other shelters, classes are scheduled to resume Tuesday, Oct. 17.

In the meantime, all college staff and faculty should prepare to return to work at the college on Monday, Oct. 16. The day will begin with a staff and faculty meeting.

“We need the weekend to transition our campus from an emergency shelter operation to a learning center, and we need Monday to prepare our staff for resumption of classes,” said Ron Kraft, college president.

Since Monday the college has housed hundreds of fire evacuees in three on campus shelters that are being run at capacity by the Red Cross under the auspices of the Napa County Office of Emergency Services.

NVC Police Chief Ken Arnold said anyone who wants to volunteer to help with shelter or other services in the county must first register with the Emergency Volunteer Center, also located at the college gymnasium.

“During this crisis, the college has been doing a great job,” Arnold said. “We have a lot to be proud of as an institution.”

The college lost its Internet capability due to the fire but is working to restore services by Friday.